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Operation Round Up FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the People Fund?
The People Fund is a community service program that provides funding for charitable and benevolent purposes to individuals, families and organizations in our community.

What is Operation Round Up?
Operation Round Up is a program being adopted by hundreds of electric cooperatives throughout the country. This program "rounds up" your monthly bill to the next highest dollar, with the change going into the People Fund. For example, a $64.79 bill would be rounded to $65.00 and the 21¢ would be donated to the People Fund. For the average consumer, that equates to about 50¢ a month, or about $6 a year. And all donations are tax deductible.

What are the funds used for?
Funding could be used to help support a family devastated by a fire, or it might go toward helping defray the cost of a special wheel chair for a neighbor who can't afford one. Funds can also go to help a fire department obtain critical lifesaving equipment or to rescue organizations, food banks, educational projects or libraries, child care programs and many more.

Operation Round Up Funding
The People Fund can provide financial assistance to individuals for extraordinary or special needs such as funding for fire victims, or special equipment for the blind, paraplegic or others. It is meant to help with one-time needs that cannot be fully met through other agencies. For individuals, the maximum amount awarded is $2,500. A grant must be used for a specific purpose, and the vendor must be paid directly.

For organizations, funding can be used for lifesaving equipment, educational programs, food banks, childcare programs, or used to expand or add much-needed community programs.  For organizations, the maximum amount awarded is $10,000.

Requests Not Funded
The People Fund is not meant to pay electric or other recurring bills. It is not intended to be a "sole source" of funding or provide normal operating expenses of already existing programs or organizations.

Funding Considerations
The Board of Directors looks at a variety of funding considerations when reviewing applications:

  • Is it a special or extraordinary need?
  • Are other sources of funding available for this request?
  • What is the benefit to the community, Cooperative members, and the general service area?
  • What level of community support is there for this request?

How to apply for assistance?
Those interested should complete an application form. Applications for funding are reviewed several times each year by the People Fund board, which makes all decisions about funding requests.

Operation Round Up applications can be obtained at Firelands Electric Cooperative's office or by clicking here


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