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Outdoor Electrical Safety

Electricity is so easy to use that you probably take it for granted. But you might be supervised to learn that each year, electricity-related incidents in and outside the home cause approximately: 300 electrocutions, 12,000 shock and burn injuries, and 150,000 fires. Source: NSC, CPSC and OSHA

Keep Clear Of Power Lines!

  • Stay clear of overhead power lines when trimming trees, installing an antenna or siding, painting the house, repairing the roof, cleaning the gutters, or putting up storm windows.
  • Survey your work area before swinging a metal ladder into place. A metal ladder is an excellent conductor of electricity. Carry and use ladders and tools well away from all power lines, including the line that connects to your home.
  • Survey your site when planning for a swimming pool, garage, shop, or addition - look up!
  • Do NOT plant trees under or within 20 feet of power lines. 
  • Do NOT select a building site under or within 20 feet of a power line.
  • Look up first when moving a grain auger or other type of farm equipment that extends in height.

Contact Firelands Electric Co-op before pruning, trimming, or cutting down trees that are near overhead electrical lines.

Before doing any digging, always know what's below!

For more information about outdoor electrical safety, click here or call our cooperative at 1-800-533-8658. 

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