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Rates & Service Charges

​Firelands Electric Cooperatives is fastidious in regularly calculating costs to serve our members. This indicates the total revenues needed, which fluctuate, depending on the amount of electricity used and the cost of generation and transmission. Estimating the amount of power that members will use enables the cooperative to determine what the rates should be, which is reviewed annually. By continually monitoring our controllable expenses, Firelands Electric is able to provide affordable and reliable power with cost-based rates.

As costs rise, your cooperative must adjust rates in order to finance necessary construction, repairs and replacements for your distribution system so you will continue to receive the excellent service reliability you expect and deserve. Firelands Electric employs a dedicated, well-trained and well equipped group of people who work hard to deliver exceptional value for your energy dollars. As a not-for-profit cooperative business, our goal is to provide excellent electric service “at cost” to members.

Your trustees and all of your employees understand that finances are especially difficult for many of our members in these hard economic times, and we are controlling and reducing costs where we can. But we cannot put off system repairs, right-of-way maintenance or the replacement of equipment. Cutting or postponing in these areas is a false saving, which will cost much more in the long run.


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