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Right-of-Way Clearance

A primary cause of blinks and power outages is trees contacting power lines. When tree limbs grow too close to power lines they can cause damage or interrupt your service. They could also create a safety hazard to you or your neighbors. Firelands Electric Cooperative makes every effort to provide you with safe and reliable electric service. Sometimes, to provide uninterrupted service it is necessary to prune or remove trees when they are located too close to power lines.

Firelands Electric Co-op assists with tree clearance from our lines to the meter location. Primary wires are energized at higher voltages and require the most tree clearance. Secondary wires are located between the transformer and the meter and require much less clearance. All lines beyond the meter location belong to the member, and tree clearance on those lines is the member's responsibility. Firelands recommends hiring a professional, line clearance certified tree contractor when tree work near electrical conductors is necessary.

Click here for more information on trees, power lines and selecting the correct tree to plant.

The cooperative's System Right-of-Way Coordinator will examine the situation and, if the problem cannot wait for the next scheduled trimming, it will be included for prompt maintenance. As you landscape, be sure to leave space around utility equipment so cooperative employees can maintain reliable service to your home or business.

Please contact our Operations department here, or call 1-800-533-8658, if you believe a tree may be growing too close to one of our power lines or want to report a tree problem.

You need to be careful if you plan to dig. Underground lines are all around these days so before you dig, contact Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) at 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764 at least 48 hours BEFORE you dig into the ground.


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