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Safety Education

​Firelands Electric Co-op understands that knowing how to use electrical power safely is even more important than knowing how to use it efficiently. For this reason, your local Touchstone Energy® cooperative offers electrical safety education programs for organizations, civic groups and first responders within and surrounding the cooperative's service territory that illustrate the potential dangers of electricity. Click here to access helpful electrical safety information.

Emergency Training
To ensure the safety of emergency first responders and the general public, Firelands Electric offers training focused on working safely around power lines and the electric system when responding to emergencies. This is especially important around downed power lines, since they can still be energized. The cooperative’s safety program is designed to help emergency responders work safely in their jobs as they encounter electrical dangers involving vehicle accidents, fallen trees, or other rescue and emergency situations near the electric system. Attendees usually include local police, fire, EMT, utility personnel and Life Flight.

For more information on Firelands Electric Co-op's electrical safety education programs, contact us here or call 1-800-533-8658.


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